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  Are you well prepared?

Not to communicate is not possible. Even total silence communicates something: namely a lack of interest. A lack of interest in the markets, the employees, customers or other stakeholders of a company. In addition: a lack of communications widely opens the door to speculations which at the end may damage the image of an enterprise.

On the other hand: excessive communication is a blunt tool. It loses the attention of the target groups, the “good news” are not getting through anymore. In short: It all depends on the correct dosage, on the correct medium and the correct „packaging “of the message.

Our question is: if your company is undergoing changes processes or even has to cope with a crisis – are you well prepared for all the communicative tasks waiting for you? Are you able to organize intensive Media- and Public Relations activities in no time if necessary?

And: do your employees actually know about the performance of your company, about the market development or about the competition you are fighting against? Do your employees know about the company strategy? Do they actually care?

Pro Media is your partner if it comes to Media- and Public Relations tasks as well as Internal Relations and staff training.

We offer you a free-of-charge analysis of your company’s state of communications – of course with no obligation to you. Why not benefiting from our experience?Please call us or write an email:

Mobile: +49 163 741 9225